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#OpenGL Rules of Conduct

#OpenGL conduct should be a matter of common sense.  There are rarely ever issues that require action, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Discussion of off-topic subjects has always been allowed, as long as it isn't generally offensive to others.

In general, 'taboo' subjects are not a good idea, especially from the international makeup of this channel.  Subjects that are considered "taboo" are any subject that most people have strong feelings about. Such subjects include things like sex, religion, and politics.  This is especially important because of the diverse makeup of #OpenGL.

Offensive material is not allowed in #OpenGL.  What is deemed offensive to some might not be to others, however, common sense is the best guide.  Some examples of things not desired in #OpenGL would be; links to pornography, grotesque pictures, animal abuse, software piracy, etc.

Excessive use of profanity is not desired in #OpenGL.  Many of the people that idle in #OpenGL are professionals.  Some of them idle from work, so work-safe language is always preferred.

This RoC document was created because, however obvious it may seem to most, there are always a few people that "just don't get it," and this is a good reference for them.

#OpenGL was built on a paradigm of equality, regardless of technical level.  Its members are friendly people from around the world that share a common interest in development and are always happy to help!